Fascination Pinecones

Manufacture from Switzerland


Pinecones are imperishable, unique, of high quality and never mutate into mass-produced goods.

The pinecone is a crystal glass accessory to hang or lay down.

An "I'm thinking of you", a talisman, a pick-me-up or a gift for yourself.

Tip: The pine cone looks very decorative when placed on a plate together with a tea light. In addition, the candle flame is as high as the crystal glass and makes it shine and sparkle wonderfully.

powder rose & rose wather opal


a pine cone is threaded from:

- 56 crystal glass beads 2mm to 8mm

- a little more than 400 Rocailles of 1mm each

- 250 cm to 300 cm of thread Size: approx. 3x3.5cm

- and less than two coffees -  threadet with a calm hand

Some History:

How it came about... I already invested my pocket money in Pearls in the hobby shop, which was on my way to school. When I was at school, my godfather gave me a bead threading book, where I could imitate my first work. .

..Then there was a pearl-free period for a few years, until I accidentally (?) became aware of pearl fairs in Bergamo (IT), Augsburg, Germany and Stuttgart, Germany, attended them and attended courses with well-known pearl threaders such as Monica Vinci, Frauke Gugat and Olga Vinnere Pettersson.

I tried different techniques and the fire was really kindled. I noticed how easily with the basic knowledge and the combination of different techniques, works can grow from the imagination.

Training as a graphic designer sharpened my eye for shapes.

But now on to the story of these little sparklers: Designed in winter 2017, the pinecone changed in the threading technique and was processed more and more refined / rich. The structure / size always remained the same.

Numerous cones were threaded and then later dissolved again in order to optimize the work again.

In the summer of 2019 I discovered the combination of two different colors in one cone and realized that such wonderful sets of 3 can be combined: a two-tone cone, a one-color cone and another one-color cone of the other/second color.

It was November 2019 and the pinecone is enjoying a growing "admiration", which is why I decided to create this website here, www. Kieferzaepfchen.ch .

On this place: Thank you for your visit! ❤ 

And also special in November is the Advent photo competition, which will take place for the fifth time this year, in 2022. More details can be found in the "Advent Contest" tab above.

In December 2019 I tried to combine crystalglass glass together with Crystal-Pearls (shiny and matte pearls)...

It's mid-April 2020: Good news! Due to the spacial time with shut downs, I am more settled here in the Emmental and there is more time for threading.

Oh, these colors are so good for the soul! ...A box is filled with different color combinations. 32 variants...

It is September 2020 and, as always, in the second half of the year there is an increase in pine cone fever. 

November 2020... Since 2017 the threading method of the pine cones has been fine-tuned, about 1/4 year ago they received the finishing touches until the feeling of complete satisfaction. News 02/28/2021 The very first three-colored pine cone was threaded. A daydream! Ocean opal with sapphire blue and light gold, here the pine cone arranged between some shells from past holidays...

News 2021-02-28: The very first three-colored pine cone was threaded. A daydream! Ocean opal with sapphire blue and light gold, here the pine cone arranged between some shells from past holidays...

News 2021-03-02: Today a "small" dream of our pine suppositories came true: From now on we can present our colorful splendor in the Heimatwerk Bern! Thank you very much for the inclusion in the range!

We are now further on the search to present ourselves here and there in real life. Because the pine cone looks much stronger than in a photo if the light can reflect on it. ...Another little dream of ours is: When you hear "pinecone" in conversation in a few years, you will have such brightly colored sparkles in mind. ❤

Currently, July 25th, 2021: A logo for the pine cones has been created. I increasingly had the feeling that some people didn't know the term "Kieferzäpfchen"; well, originally I didn't even choose the term "Kieferzäpfli"... I think someone outside of the German-speaking area can now imagine a little more with the newly created logo.

The pine cones are very curious about what may come next...

Thank you for your visit and your interest in these high quality "Sparklers".

Sincerely, the pine cones - Karin Friedli (Houriet)